From Victim to Survivor!

Normally I wouldn’t talk about such a public, controversial, high media attention subject but because I have been there I feel like I should share my opinion of the matter of….
                            THE DUGGARS
I stand by the family. I support the choices they made and the “safeguards” they set up for their children. Do I agree with and condone Josh’s behaviour? Not at all. That isn’t what I am writing about.

What I want to talk about are the “victims” I use the words in quotes because I absolutely do not look at those girls as victims, they are SURVIVORS! 

I think it is disgusting that the media has decided to drag these girls through hell again. I watched Jessa and Jill’s interview with Megan Kelly and I have to say how incredible and strong both of those girls are. They were eloquent, they answered all of her questions just as I would have and they told the truth!

I cannot imagine what those girls are going through. To have their experiences and traumas being reopened publicly is disgusting. It breaks my heart. I don’t know that I would handle it as well as they have. Not only do they have to relive that pain and sadness but now they have to do it with millions of people watching, most of which are judging them. 

I was also molested as a young girl. My experience was very different from theirs but I know the pain and embarrassment of having to tell a complete stranger your story-every detail. It is scary, embarrassing, humiliating and painful,

Those girls were led to believe that what they told authorities would be kept sealed. They opened up and shared their hearts and shared their deepest pains and humiliations with people they were supposed to be able to trust. with people who were supposed to protect them. Then years later after they have moved past their pain and have forgiven Josh and started living again, they are being publicly shamed. How is that right? How is any of that okay?

I wonder how many victims will hesitate now to come forward. I wonder how many victims will suffer longer, how many will now suffer in silence because they are afraid their stories will be made public. I wonder how many people-myself included are worrying now that their stories will be made available to anyone and everyone. 
I don’t know that I could deal with my interviews and my police reports being released. I don’t hide my story but I don’t broadcast it either. Molestation is so taboo. It makes people see you differently, it changes relationships, it makes people uncomfortable. 

Now that the media has humiliated Josh, his wife, their children and the entire Duggar family. What about Jessa and Jill?? Did anyone think about the girls involved. What happens to them now? I hate that the media feels the need to crucify the Duggars. I think it is disgusting and I hope they do take legal action and put a stop to tabloids and media leaking these sorts of thing. I hate that our society believes that because they are “celebrities” we have a right to destroy their lives.

One thought on “From Victim to Survivor!

  1. Oh Amy, my heart is breaking for you, and with you, I’m so sad for these for these girls. I hate the media. They manipulate for ratings and for money and it’s sickening.
    They don’t care who they hurt and what effect it will have on people.
    I’m just really sorry for the pain you have had to endure but so thankful for you and your loving heart.


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