Are you my Mother?

I have been struggling lately when I see/hear of mom’s who are NEVER with their kids. Let me clarify, I am not talking about working mom’s. I have the utmost respect for mom’s who are working full or part-time to support their children. The mom’s I’m talking about are the ones who always seem to need a break and who constantly complain about needing alone time. I do think it’s healthy to have a bit of space and get that time alone. My problem is when you are away from your child(ren) more than you’re with them. That’s when I begin to wonder why you had them in the first place and what your priorities really are. Kids are a lot of work, they are physically, emotionally and financially draining. I get it! They are also smart, funny, unconditionally loving and they need their mama’s. They need that extra snuggle from you-not their babysitter. They need to hear you-not just the roar of the TV. They need your reassurance and love. I am all for having help, my mom sees my son every day and watches him so I can grab a quick shower or run to the grocery store because it takes 10 minutes when it’s just me as opposed to 45 with Emerson. I wouldn’t trade my sleepless nights when I get to watch Emerson sleep and my long days of watching him grow and explore. It would break my heart if I hadn’t been there for his first step or word. Quit taking breaks. Quit complaining about never having time to yourself. Your Instagram should be full of your baby not of your drunken nights. Motherhood is a full-time, round the clock job. That is what you signed up for. Snuggle your sweet pea(s) tonight.

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