Blah blah blah

I was going to do a post about some of yesterday’s headlines and lack thereof…I decided to go in another direction. This one is going to be pretty boring for pretty much everyone, but there will be some really cute pictures of Emerson!

I struggle with leaving the house and letting him be free in an uncontrolled place. I want to protect him from EVERYTHING. Which I think is a parent thing, especially a first time parent thing. He hasn’t had any major ouchies yet, no emergency room filled nights-except when he was just a TINY guy and had a really scary cold and I worried he had pneumonia.

Anyway lately I have really been trying to do more outdoor fun with Emerson.

We went to the zoo with one of my good friends and her kids! Emerson didn’t seem to care about much until the walrus or walruses? and other underwater stuff. I can’t wait until he is a bit older and can figure out that the little dots wayyyyy in the distance are animals! There is a really cool family owned farm in Issaquah I want to take him to so he can see his favorite animals up close and personal and maybe go on a tractor ride!

The weather in Seattle has been AH-mazing! It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to day drink at the beach.

Since it’s been soooo nice, we’ve been playing in the backyard a lot! He loves water and I love watching him play.

He’s started realizing how funny he is. He loves being chased. When my mom comes over in the morning he runs and throws himself in to the couch or runs to the door until she swoops him up. Always happily shrieking.

I finally cleaned our room. For every toy/book I put away, Emerson yanked and then threw 5! He is obsessed with the vacuum cleaner. Yesterday I let him help. He was thrilled!

The last week or so Emerson has not been sleeping well. Which has had us both a little bit cranky. I knew he was teething, his bottom molars have been working their way out for almost a month. Last night he was biting a lot so I checked and lo and behold he is also getting top molars and canines on both sides. He currently has 11 teeth that are all the way out and 5 teeth that have broken through but aren’t all the way yet. My poor baby =(









5 thoughts on “Blah blah blah

  1. Thankfully, God helped us out in the teething department. We are too young to remember the discomfort! Harder for you but you and the little man will make it!!

    I am also catching up. Following blogs of people I know or knew is so much more rewarding than following the ones of people I wish I knew. 😉


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