Hot! Hot!! Heat!!!

When did my little (9lbs 7oz) baby become such a big boy! He’s already a toddler. He looks like he’s at least 3. He’s huge-not the whaley kind but huge. Like 3ft tall, climbing on all the furniture, laughing at his own silliness, telling me what he likes/doesn’t like, you know big kid stuff!

It’s so interesting when he is trying to do something and gets frustrated when it’s not working the way he wants but then he quickly figures out a way to solve the problem. He’s so smart! I’m convinced he’s a genius 😉

He’s still not talking much. He is really verbal but has a very limited vocabulary of real words, which sometimes worries me but because he’s so advanced in all other areas I think and hope he is choosing not to use words, rather than something being wrong.

I think I’m going to do MOPS this coming school year. I’ve never left him with anyone other than my mom, so that part will be a big struggle for me, but we both really need more social interaction. He needs to hangout and play with more kiddos his age and I need to expand my mama friend group! Don’t get me wrong I love my friends and the few kids we see but we definitely need more!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to publicly comment on what happened last weekend. I’m still not sure what I want to say and not say on Gay marriage and Pride and such. For now I won’t say anything. That doesn’t mean I’m for or against it.

I was however disgusted with the fact that in the midst of rainbow profile pictures and naked parading this happened;

And out of my 323 FB friends and the 150ish people I follow on instagram I think I saw maybe 5 people mention or post about the terrorist attacks and MURDERS that happened the same day. While everyone was celebrating people were killed in cold blood and nobody was talking about it. It’s hard because we live in a world where people don’t want to see the ugly. People don’t want to talk about the scary, bad things. I get it. I would much rather focus on the good over the bad. But we need to open our eyes and see everything that’s going on. It was sad that when my roommate got home from work and hadn’t heard about the man who was beheaded in France and didn’t know details on Tunisia but knew all about which monuments and buildings were lit up in rainbow colors. It wasn’t her fault, that’s just all social media was talking about, so that’s all she had seen.

Stop choosing to turn a blind eye

and try to s

tay cool in the heat. Emerson has beem living in diapers and loves to be misted with cool water and then stand in front of a fan 😉

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