A tree star

I loved “The Land Before Time” movies. At least the first few 😉

Even though Emerson is pretty young I thought I would see if he would enjoy them.

Bad terrible idea. It is terrifying!! We’re usually an Arthur, Wild Kratts, Winnie the Pooh and ocassional Disney/Pixar watching kind of family.

In the first few minutes Little Foot goes through way too much. It’s super intense and really scary. I turned it off probably 15 minutes in!

I know he doesn’t understand it all yet but I don’t want to fill his head with scary things. Even when we watch “Up” I skip the mean dog scenes.

I had a friend once laugh when I said I didn’t want violent shows or anything with lot’s of cursing on around him. They didn’t understand why it mattered. Since he didn’t talk and didn’t have any idea what it meant why would it affect him?
I totally saw where she was coming from but I don’t want those things floating around his brain. I don’t want him to swear or think violence is okay or normal. I don’t want to expose him to yucky things. I want to keep the atmosphere around him as happy and as positive as possible.
Don’t get me wrong I have been known to drop the F bomb (more than I’d like to admit) and I am not always the happiest person, but I’m not going to watch TWD or OITNB with him anywhere near me! Gotta keep my baby a baby for as long as I can!!

Give me your favorite kiddo shows/movies!!

Here’s a little #FBF for you!! Last year when my brother Adam (there will be a post about that soon) was visiting from Cambodia.
L-R Marissa, Adam and Emerson, my mom Susan, me, Andre.


Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend 🌞

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