Be careful with your words..

I have a terrible habit of lashing out and hurting when I’m hurt. My weapon of choice are my words. It’s worse with the ones I care about the most. If you’ve never experienced it, I must not really like you (just kidding…kind of).

Today I was not very kind. I knew saying something would really hurt someone I love and I said it anyway. I have been really hurting in that particular situation and haven’t said anything because, well I don’t really know why. Today I kind of lost it. It wasn’t this person’s fault, actually none of the problems are this person’s fault.

I hadn’t taken the time to really see how much they were hurting. I was being selfish and focusing on how their heartbreak had hurt me. It is pretty pathetic actually.  I wasn’t looking at the big picture of the situation. I was being a bad friend.

It took this person calling me out on my meanness to make me realize how effed up I was being. I need to reevaluate some things in my life. I need to work on expressing myself in a better way.

To that person and anyone else I’ve hurt with my mean words, I’m really sorry.

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