The more I hear about this massive earthquake that is going to hit the PNW the more freaked out I get. I’ve literally made myself sick because I am so worried. I won’t even leave Emerson to go to the bathroom.

I am not prepared. We are not prepared.

I am terrified to leave him. Even if it’s with my mom.

Who by the way is the person I would want Emerson with in a situation like that if I wasn’t there.

My best friend’s birthday is on Thursday and I’m really struggling with if I’m still going to go out for dinner and drinks because that means being 15 minutes away from my baby and if the earthquake happens while I’m out, I won’t be able to get back to him.

I already struggle with leaving him under normal circumstances. It’s normally just for an hourish to go to the grocery store and even then I rush and worry the whole time. Now add the fear of him being in potential danger, that I can’t protect him from and the possibility of not being able to get back to him I seriously feel like I can’t breathe with this anxiety.

Before I got pregnant I worried a bit about these things. Natural disasters and such but never like this. I used to get upset because I wasn’t married, didn’t have kids, didn’t feel like I’d lived a full enough life. Now that I have Emerson all I think about are the ways I need to protect him from everything and how I need to move somewhere so safe we are basically bubble wrapped. I feel like I may need to invest in a bubble from Bubble Boy. Or invent a forcefield/shelter that will protect us from everything and I mean absolutely everything. 

I am a believer and I have a relationship with Jesus. I am certain of where I will go when I die. I am also certain that Emerson will be there too, as well as the majority of the one’s I love (whole ‘nother post).

That doesn’t stop me from worrying. That doesn’t stop my heart from hurting just thinking of anything happening to my sweet boy.

I’ve gone so far as researching “The safest places to live in the U.S. to avoid all natural disasters and crime”. If I had the means we would be living in Denver or Upstate New York.

Once this is posted I’m packing an emergency bag and going to the store- with Emerson to get the necessities.

What is in your emergency kit? What’s your emergency plan?

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