Home is where…

Life update which will be pretty boring:

Emerson had his 15 month checkup today. He is HUGE!! He weighs 30lbs 14oz and is 35 inches tall. Putting him in the 98th percentile for both and in the 86th combined. How is that even possible?!?!? He does so well. He is in the top of all “skills” except speech but according to his Doctor he will catch up quickly! He had to get shots which always makes both of us cry. Today was especially hard. He knows now when we go to the doctor what is going to happen and is always wary of the nurses. The last two visits I was able to snuggle him to get him calm but today he needed to nurse.

For those of you who don’t know, Emerson and I have been living with my best friend and her parents since he was born. My best friend Lisa and I moved in with them when we came back from Seaside. It was the best option and has worked out pretty well. We rent the basement of their house.
Well after a lot of thought and prayer, I have decided it is time for us to move home. Home to me is, my grandparent’s house. So over the next few weeks we will be packing and moving over there. Thankfully it’s only 5ish miles away.
There are so many reasons. Mostly it’s just time. I need more help with Emerson and I want him to be around my grandparents as much as possible because they are getting older. Also with them getting older, I want to help out more. My mom is going back to work full-time and I want him to be able to keep his routine with her (my mom and sister live with my grandparents as well-my mom moved in to help). The only way any of that is possible is if we are living with them.
It is going to be really interesting. I moved out right before I turned 19. I’m now 27… I haven’t had “sit down dinners” other than holidays and family nights since I moved out, I haven’t had to answer to anyone or let anyone know where I am going and when I will be home for 9 years.

*Emerson wanted to let you know his thoughts: sufhasuihgjsfg8adfgnjaxcbks-y9313r09yu-* He likes everyone’s full attention and I normally blog when he goes to bed, but am trying to do it while he plays for a bit. He keeps coming and whacking my computer. He loves keyboards!!

I am really feeling good about the move. I plan on taking Emerson to the park that is down the street every day, unless it’s raining. I can get him on a better schedule. He will have family meals every day! My mom can be there to read him bedtime stories, tuck him in etc. I think it will be good for me as well. I don’t seclude myself but I don’t get out as much as I probably should.

I haven’t had to do much baby proofing where we are, I can just close the doors and keep in pretty contained. My grandparent’s house is going to need to be completely overhauled.. They have stairs that will need gates, doors that will need the baby handles, plugs covered, breakables moved, my list goes on and on. My grandparents are wonderful but my grandpa isn’t a fan of change and there is a whole bunch about to happen. If anyone has any suggestions of where to start or how to ease him into the whole thing, I am all for your advice!

If any of you are in the NP area and want to do play dates at City Hall, let me know! We need some baby friends =)

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