Boots with the fur!

Summer has always been my favorite season. Especially when we get the long hot summers in Seattle. Since I had Emerson I have changed my tune and LOVE the Fall and Winter! Don’t get me wrong I still love Summer but I am all about oversized sweaters, tall boots, scarves, big pots of soup and chili and  EVERYTHING pumpkin-yes I am very “basic”.

Here are some things that I am obsessed with right now:


Glamour Dolls

Those of you who know me pretty well, know that I have a slight obsession with Reality TV. Jerseylicious was one of my favorite shows. When it got cancelled and I shed a few tears and immediately binge watched every episode on YouTube. Tracy was and still is my favorite person from the show, if you don’t know who she is….Tracy’s instagram you’re welcome. Tracy recently partnered with Glamour Dolls Makeup to create her own lipstick line; Jersey Doll. Of course I had to have them!! She has 5 colors, these are my favorite 3.

Trash Tawk
Trash Tawk
Skinny Dip
Skinny Dip

They are only $4.99 each. Which is incredible. In fact every item on the Glamour Doll website is under $5!

Fakecation matte bronzer

Sorcery eyeshadow

Before I had the chance to order, my best friend Lisa surprised me and ordered everything I had planned on getting and then some (she is pretty awesome)! I can’t rave about the girls who work for this company enough! Lisa ordered mid day Thursday. Not only did she get free shipping, her package arrived this evening!! They even included a cute little note and bows on the packages! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the makeup. To be honesty I thought it was going to be poorly made and would feel cheap. The lipstick isn’t patchy, the eye shadows blend so nicely and the bronzer isn’t orange!!! Glamour Dolls gets a 10/10

Carli Bybel

She is a HUGE in the beauty world. She is on YouTube. She just partnered with BH Cosmetics and created her own eye shadow and highlight palette and I cannot wait for it to launch on Tuesday. Carli is a makeup artist and when she started in the industry she used BH Cosmetics products because they were/are affordable and great quality. Her palette is limited edition and is only $12.50 on launch day! I am literally dying to get my hands on it!

Carli Bybel Palette
Carli Bybel Palette

I Smell GREAT!

I smell great is a perfume line created by the fabulous Sophia Bush, Randi Shinder and Michael Nyman. It is cruelty and paraben free. My favorite scents are Beach Babe and Wild Honey. You can mix and match the scents to create your own unique blend. I layer those two and get Wild Babe. They last all day. Why smell good, when you can smell great? They also have an incredible Labor Day sale going now through Tuesday!

Wild Honey
Wild Honey



Bath and Body Works

I am a little obsessed with candles. I have this weird thing though…I buy them. I love the scent. I don’t ever burn them. These are my current favorites!

pumpkin candle

lakeside sunrise

sweater weather



This smells like all of my wishes mixed in a jar of sugar and icing.

Marshmallow Pop
Marshmallow Pop



Emerson always seems to be going through a growth spurt. At 16 months old, he is wearing 4T clothes and size 8 in toddler shoes. He is just over 3 feet tall and needs the extra length in his pants and tops! So when I can find a sale I buy a lot! He just got 2 new sweatshirts, a sleeper, and 4 pairs of pajamas and I only spent $50!



Emerson is obsessed with them. He loves to crunch them and throw them in the air. We were at the park the other day and he ran up to another boy who was four or five and snatched the leaves right out of his hand. He was very pleased with himself. Thankfully the other little guy was very gracious and said it was okay! I can’t wait for more of the leaves to change and fall off the trees. My grandparents have some beautiful trees in their yard. Emerson will have the time of his life jumping in freshly raked piles! My grandpa on the other hand will not be so amused 😉


Emerson is absolutely loving living here. He has so much more space and freedom. My mom has been taking him in the morning for 45 minutes to an hour so I can get a little extra sleep, They are loving being across the hall from each other. We eat breakfast with GiGi, lunch with both of my grandparents and we have had family dinners with everyone every night. This is what I wanted for him. Some things have been a bit tough, but it is more so just us adults adjusting to things. He is talking so much more, which makes me so happy! He had gone through a bit of a regression in his speech, but now he is picking things back up and I know the day is coming where I am going to wish he would just stop talking for five minutes! We aren’t totally settled in, I have so many boxes to unpack and clothes to hang and I haven’t slept much,  but at the end of the day my sweet boy can’t stop smiling and that makes everything else seems to trivial.





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