What would you think if I sang out of tune?

What do you do when someone else continues to hurt you. A lot. And that person more than likely has no idea. Not because you haven’t tried telling them. But because they don’t care enough to listen. And it’s not like you can just cut them out of your life. Because it is way more complicated than that. And you have to be cryptic when you post about it. Because if you say too much they will know you are writing specifically about them. Again. And if they realize it’s about them. Then they will get upset. And turn everything around. And act like you’re the one cauing issues.

So you post a poorly written. Sloppy. Punctuation in all the wrong places. Blog. In hopes they see it. And that it makes them think. Maybe. Possibly. It’s about them. And they realize how much their actions. Or I suppose lack of actions. Have hurt you. And they try to fix things. Also. I would like a G&T. With extra lime. Happy Saturday =)

*Emerson update coming this week. Probably on Wednesday. For now check out this cuteness!!


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