All the small things.

November- Men try to grow manly beards. There is food, so much food. Forced family bonding. Macy’s Parade. The countdown…to the countdown to CHRISTMAS!
I’m going to do the typical daily Thankfulness posts, but a bit differently. I’ll make a post at the end of each week, full of things I am thankful for.

It’s only November 1st, but here is my first list :mrgreen:

·I am so thankful that I am Emerson’s mama ❤❤
·Dancing with Emerson to all the songs in “Frozen”, we borrowed it from a friend and I have now seen it approximately 42 times and may or may not know all the words. Sing-a-long anyone?
·Emerson’s belly laugh. He starts with a fake laugh when he knows he is being silly and it slowly turns into a real belly laugh!
·All the coffee with peppermint mocha creamer.
·Snuggles from my sweet boy.
·Basically anything and everything that has to do with Emerson.
·Christmas movies. We’re waiting to watch the classics (like Mrs. Santa Claus with Angela Landsbury-if you haven’t seen that you haven’t lived!) until December.
·After 4 days with terrible migraines, I didn’t have one today!
·Binge watching Lost. Currently on Season 4 episode 5. I need some good explanations and theories!
·That Emerson has started talking again!! He just started saying “No!!” which normally I wouldn’t love, but I am so happy he is talking again he can tell me “NO” a thousand times a day and it is okay.
·The “on this day” feature on Facebook. It’s usually funny, sometimes sad and always shows me how much I have grown up. What the heck was I thinking and doing at 19?
·New friends. Who are sticking around even though I kind of suck!
·My mom. I would be so lost without her. I love when we laugh the most ridiculous things at the worst time.
·I am so thankful she is Emerson’s grandma! She’s the best! He loves her so much!!!




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