He feels better, so much better now! 

One of the scariest things as a parent is having to make a trip to the Emergency Room. 
It’s been a week since Emerson woke up a 4:30 throwing up. Normally I wouldn’t have been worried but it’s what happened afterwards that was scary. 

He is the most energetic, rambunctious, wild kiddo. From the second he’s awake until, well basically all day and night. He doesn’t even stay still when he’s asleep. 

After throwing up he lay back down and didn’t move. His breathing was shaky, he wouldn’t open his eyes, he wouldn’t respond verbally, his whole body was limp. 

I quickly threw on some clothes, packed a bag and we got in the car and headed to the closest hospital. 

I am not a huge fan of the hospital we went to. If you’re local you’ll know the one. Their birthing floor and the entire staff who works there are AMAZING! The rest of the hospital, especially their emergency room…not so much. It is roughly 5 minutes from our house compared to the 30+ to Children’s. 

We were checked in quickly and in a room within 10 minutes. Everyone was nice but nobody was pediatric. I know ERs are busy, but it was a very slow morning, yet somehow it took hours to get his tests done. 

The doctor wanted to do so many unnecessary tests. I’m thankful that my mom (mother of 4) was there to help. The doctor and nurses gave me blank stares but listened to everything my mom said. 

Apparently the younger you look, the stupider you are? 

After blood draws and a few trips to the potty. The doctor said Emerson was dehydrated. Which I still don’t understand. He drinks SO much water every day. 

While we were there he had tremors on his right side, specifically his right arm. The doctor saw it once and one of the nurses saw it another time. 

She listed so many different possibilities of what could be going on. Meningitis, diabetes or even seizures. She wanted to do a spinal tap, CT scan and possibly an MRI. 

They gave Emerson some apple juice, after an hour or so he perked up and was a little more like himself. 

Fast forward a few more hours and a little more testing, we were discharged. There was nothing else they could do. 

I am so thankful my mom was able to be there. She’s really good in these situations. Anything that has to do with Emerson and I am a puddle of tears. I can, will and do advocate for Emerson. This was just one of those single mama days when I really needed someone and I am so lucky to have my mom! 

I emailed his pediatrician, she is THE best! Again if you’re local and need a pediatrician let me know! We got an appointment first thing the next morning. His pediatrician is amazing. She went over everything from the day before. She explained all of the test results, went over each possibility and how Emerson didn’t have any of them. She reassured me that he was/is fine. He had some random virus. The dehydration was from throwing up and then not eating or drinking anything for a few hours after waking up. I just needed to get him to drink extra fluids and keep him inside where it’s cool for a few days. 

A week later and he is doing so much better. He hasn’t had anymore tremors, hasn’t had anymore problems! He’s been a little more tired than usual, but that’s probably because he’s been waking up at 5am instead of 6. 

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and kind thoughts. I appreciate it so much more than you all know ❤️

He is feeling so much better!!

2 thoughts on “He feels better, so much better now! 

  1. Glad he’s feeling better, nothing scarier than a sick child! And you’re right,that hospital is a joke!
    Don’t know how they stay in buisiness,almost killed me!

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