I wouldn’t have nothing, if I didn’t have you. 

As Emerson’s third birthday, let me repeat that, THIRD Birthday approaches (I have had every mama feeling there is to have about it) I have been thinking about how truly blessed I am.  Emerson saved me. I was not in a good place when I got pregnant, but finding out I was carrying this perfect little … More I wouldn’t have nothing, if I didn’t have you. 


Imagine struggling with your weight and image for your whole life. Imagine counting calories, skipping meals, throwing up after almost every meal for years, working out until you almost pass out. Living off liquor, cigarettes and a lot of air.  Then imagine getting pregnant with the baby you never thought you would be able to … More FAT

My Sunshine!

I haven’t updated my Thankful list because there has been so much going on. That doesn’t mean I am not thankful, it just means that I have spent the last few days making phone calls, setting up appointments, having phone consults and am still trying to wrap my head around things and figure out the … More My Sunshine!

Eat your salad…

This is one of the harder posts I’ve written. Not difficult to write but difficult to admit and put out there publicly… I have always struggled with me weight. I feel like most girls/women people struggle with that at some point. My weight has always fluctuated, even as a kid. I remember being 8 years … More Eat your salad…